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About Me


I started working as a Radio Actor out of my pure love of the arts. I have always enjoyed performing and entertaining others. I got into Radio as a Breakfast show co-presenter with 'Meter Down' on Redfm. Soon after I got my own show on Go92.5fm, "The Mid-day Show". That show was my home for five full years that saw the shift of channel name to RadioOne94.3. My radio experience included celebrity interviews of singers, actors, directors, doctors, audience interactions with superhit segments like 'tol mol ke bol', 'Bhoole Bisre Geet', various music and bollywood quizes etc just before the social media boom in India. Alternatively, I shared my growth as a radio professional with students in few select institutions as a teacher as well. I did a short stint with City1016 in Dubai as a radio presenter before exploring my other talents as a voice actor.

The boom in audio space brought forth the actor in me via Audio Series, getting under the skin of various characters with as much ease as voicing Documentaries or recording Explainer Videos. I acted in my first audio series 'Tridevi' on Audible and hosted a self help podcast "Zindagi Unplugged" on Spotify. I wrote and directed my first audio series 'Yaari Road' in 2020 and have done Audiobooks, Podcasts and numerous roles as interesting characters in various Audio Series since. The back end process of creating a production come alive with voice and exploring various forms based on my experience has become a passion for me.

Voice Overs, Voice Acting, Writing, hosting Podcasts, Producing, Show-Casting and Co-Hosting YouTube Music Reaction Videos is what keeps me engaged and enthusiastic. I have been working hard to develop my skills with each passing day. My audio journey has truly just begun. There is lots more I have to offer to this medium. Contact me to find out more information and how we can start working together.

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